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 Past and present famous residents of Formby Village and the area known as Freshfield within Formby Village, Liverpool, Merseyside. Famous People who live in Formby. Footballers who live in Formby.
Past and present famous residents of Formby include:-
’Tymon Dogg is a singer~songwriter whose career stretches over 40 years during which time he has collaborated with a wide variety of bands and individuals from the Moody Blues in the 60s to the Clash in the 80s; he was in Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros until the latter’s untimely death in 2002 and wrote the music for some of Strummer’s most significant songs.
Tymon plays many instruments including violin, piano, guitar and a harp of his own invention.
Tymon Dogg (born Stephen John Murray) is a violinist, guitarist, keyboardist and singer who was born in Formby in 1950. Tymon lived at 3 Kirklake Road, Formby and attended Our Lady of Compassion School, Bull Cop before senior school at Our lady of Lourdes in Ainsdale. He left school at the earliest opportunity due to a disagreement over his hair length. He worked for a while in a hairdressers which was on the site of where 'Prides' is now in the village. As he learnt to play and sing, he wrote a lot of his own material and performed regularly at local venues such as Formby FC and The Gild Hall.
By the age of 14 he was so good that he had graduated to venues in Liverpool playing Bob Dylan and Donovan covers on harmonica and guitar at the Peppermint Lounge and occasionally at the famous Cavern Club. While still at school, he came up with the pseudonym of ‘Timon’ as a stage name in order to separate the fact he was both a performing musician and schoolboy.
Spencer Leigh (now a DJ on BBC Radio Merseyside) met Timon in 1965 and encouraged the young musician's song-writing. He became his local promoter, helping him get gigs and sending off demo tapes to record companies
When he was 16 after securing a recording contract with Pye Records he left home and moved to live in London
and was quickly spotted by influential people such as the Beatles and the Moody Blues. He is best known for his work with Joe Strummer of The Clash.
More recently he has written music for films including 'Black Hawk Down' (2001), 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' (2005), 'Joe Strummer; The Future is Unwritten' (2007).
Tymon Dogg and the Mescaleros
Tymon and The Mescaleros 2002
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More recently Tymon has been performing from his and wife Susan de Muth's forthcoming William Blake musical project as part of The Blake Society's 'Burning Bright In Concert'.

From The Blake Society's website: "Tymon Dogg has set seventeen of William Blake’s short poems to music and together with Susan de Muth is developing a theatrical spectacle around these songs - a selection of which Tymon will perform live.

The theatrical project eschews a linear narrative, drawing instead on the stories and meaning within each song and finding in the whole an abstract philosophical narrative which captures Blake’s own perception of existence as ‘continually building, continually decaying’. As befits William Blake, the result is a new kind of theatre, an aural and visual celebration of the Imagination, encompassing many performance disciplines including puppetry, pyrotechnics, holograms and film.

‘We welcome the chance to share a selection of the songs with the Blake Society and to present a brief description of the theatrical event. Afterwards we look forward to your feedback and conversation.

The Blake project represents an evolution in Tymon’s music, centred around strong melodies, touching on several genres from folk to classical whilst retaining his own - and Blake’s - peculiar integrity.

Susan de Muth is a writer & translator and has directed several theatre pieces including ‘The Greatest Ever dada Show’ which toured widely including Tate Modern and the Liverpool Biennale. Her translations include Mayakovsky, Louis Aragon and many Dada and surrealist texts."

For more information, please visit the official
The Blake Society website at:

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Tymon Dogg has done the music for CD included with a new translation of Louis Aragon's A Wave Of Dreams by Tymon's wife, Susan de Muth.
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John Parrott
snooker player & TV personality is a popular resident of Freshfield, Formby Village.
Dame Beryl Bainbridge
 grew up in Formby and some of her earlier books are set in the area
Basil Rathbone
( the best 'Sherlock Holmes' ) visited Formby regularly, as his sister lived here.

St Lukes Parish Church in Formby is the burial place of the
Irish songwriter and entertainer Percy French. Read More
Due to its proximity to the city of Liverpool, various current and former Liverpool and Everton Football Club players live or have lived in the Freshfield & Formby area including:-
Steven Gerrard
England and Liverpool FC captain
The hero of many Liverpool and England youngsters lives in
Freshfield, Formby Village.
Alan Stubbs of Everton
Alan Stubbs
lives in Freshfield, Formby village.
Tony Hibbert of Everton 
						FC lives in Formby villageTony Hibbert.
  lives in Freshfield, Formby village
Leighton Baines famous person lives in Formby, Freshfield
Leighton Baines,
England and Everton FC player Leighton Baines lives in Freshfield, Formby Village.
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson of England and Liverpool FC is living in Freshfield, Formby
Duncan Ferguson Everton FC lives in Formby
Duncan Ferguson
Former Everton FC and Scotland International
lives in Formby.
David Fairclough famous person living in Freshfield Formby
David Fairclough
former Liverpool FC player and now frequent T.V. pundit and commentator lives in Freshfield, Formby Village
Michael Ball of WEiagan FC lives in 
						Formby village
Michael Ball
Former  Everton  player Michael Ball lives in, Freshfield, Formby Village.
Neil Ruddock, Phil Neal, Emlyn Hughes, John Toshack, Ray Clemence, John Jo Shelvey
Stig Inge Bjørnebye, Alan Ball as well as Alan Shearer, during his time at Blackburn Rovers have all chosen to live in Formby Village.
Kenny Daglish former resident now lives in Birkdale,  as does Mark Lawrenson  and Alan Hanson
Other past and present residents of Formby include Steve Staunton, Emlyn Hughes, Bob Latchford, Ray Clemence, Wayne Rooney, John Toshack - all successful footballers.
John Birt
 the former Director General of the BBC spent some time living in Formby..
John Moores
the founder of Littlewoods football pools and Littlewoods shops and catalogues lived in Freshfield, Formby and many of the family still live in the area.
Famous residents of Formby are the  red squirrels that live in the pinewoods.

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